Be a community-building hero

The Great Grandview Garage Sale is a free community event, organized by residents of Grandview Woodland like you .

Spread the word

Helping to sign up your friends & neighbours is the main way you can help to grow this event.

  • Talk to your neighbours about the event.

  • Print off some posters and put them up on your block.

  • Spread the word on social media ( ).

Lend a hand

This event is entirely volunteer-run, and we are always looking for neighbours to join in the fun to help us make it greater.

We'd love to have you join us and lend a hand in whatever way you can. Things we could use help with include:

  • Putting up posters

  • Reaching out to community groups, and media to spread the word

  • Helping out with social media

  • Or, whatever other tricks you've got up your sleeve!

Contact us at [email protected] if you can help out in any way.

Make a small donation

  • Help us cover the modest costs of expenses for this free community event, run entirely by volunteers.

  • If you have had a sale in past years or a planning one, please consider making a small donation ($2-5) at .

  • Donate $10 or more, and you'll get a spiffy lawn sign to draw the bargain hunters!