A greater kind of garage sale

Open to everyone in Grandview Woodland. This is a free community-run event for the whole neighbourhood to enjoy.

It will be BIG and FUN. This is the largest garage sale in all of Vancouver.  And it will be an East-Van good time for everyone from the vinyl junkies, to the lemonade stand tycoons.

Register Your Sale

Add your sale to the map , and the crowds will follow.

It's FREE. And you can always update your information later if you need to.

So what are you waiting for?

Clear Our Your Closet

Why wait? Start sorting through your old things now. You've got treasures in your trash!

On Saturday June 15 at 10 AM put your goods on display. Lay a blanket on your front lawn. Put a table on your sidewalk. Or just roll up the garage door. And start selling!


The Great Grandview Garage Sale will go on RAIN or SHINE.

Tell Your Friends and Neighbours

Spread the word about the Great Grandview Garage Sale .

The more sellers and bargain-hunters, the better for everyone. And it'll be more fun.