What is this event?

The Great Grandview Garage Sale is an enormous neighbourhood-wide garage sale, taking place throughout Grandview Woodland on Saturday June 15th 2019. It takes place annually on the 3rd Saturday in June, right before Father's Day. Think of it kind of like the East-Side Culture Crawl, but with Garage Sales. I know, we're excited too!

What happens if it rains?

The Great Grandview Garage Sale is happening rain or shine on Saturday June 15th, 2019.  We have it on good authority that it'll be really nice out that day. But if there are a few raindrops (gasp), don't let them stop you.  We're Vancouverites after all.

Where can I sell?

  1. In Grandview Woodland. The Great Grandview Garage Sale is happening throughout Grandview-Woodland. That means anywhere between Broadway and the Burrard Inlet, between Clark Dr and Nanaimo.
  2. On / in front of / around your property. Set up your sale in your front yard, or to the boulevard in front of your home. Or in your laneway or in your garage. Or in the courtyard of your building. Wherever you're not getting in anyone's way, and where shoppers can find you (signs are a good idea). Wherever you choose, just make sure to sign up so your sale will appear on the map .

Who can sell?

Everyone and anyone who lives in Grandview Woodland can have a garage sale. You don't even need a garage - a table in front of your home will do just fine.

Don't live in the neighbourhood but want to be a part of the fun?  Ask a friend if you can join their sale! Or come and find a bargain .

Is there a cost to sell?

The Great Grandview Garage Sale is a FREE* community event. There is no charge to sign up to have a garage sale. We're just doing this because we love our community, and we love garage sales.

*While it's free to have a sale, you will need to spend a bit of money if you want to buy anything at one of the garage sales.  Browsing is free :)

Can I close down my street and throw a block party?

All you need to have a garage sale is drag your items down to your front yard / laneway / sidewalk and start selling. You certainly don't need to close down the street.

But, if you want to turn your garage sale into a block party you should talk to your neighours and make it happen!  This event is about community after all.  Head over to the City of Vancouver website for all the details about throwing a block party, including steps to get a permit, signup for free insurance, and get barricades to close off the street to traffic.

How is this connected to other multi-family sales in the neighbourhood?

There have been a number of multi-family garage sales in Grandview Woodland over the years. One of the biggest and longest running ones has taken place around Lakewood & William for fifteen years. The organizers of a few of those big sales joined forces in 2014 to begin putting on an annual Great Grandview Garage Sale. It's bigger, more fun, and all around greater this way.

I've never held a garage / yard sale before. Do you have any tips?

  1. Collect your stuff. Go through your closets, storage space, and basements and make a list of all the stuff you want to sell.  Give them a good cleaning to help them sell.
  2. Price it. Come up with price for each item, and mark it down. Tape & markers works well for homemade price tags.
  3. Get lots of change. Garage sales transactions are mostly in cash, and it helps to have lots of small bills and coins on hand. You wouldn't want to miss out on a sale because you didn't have change, would you?
  4. Get friends to help. Have a friend or two come to help you setup, make sales, clean up after, and make the day even more fun.
  5. Spread the word. Tell your friends and neighbours. Post some of your incredible items on Facebook to get shoppers excited.

How do I spread the word and sign up my neighbours?

Yes, definitely spread the word. The more participants the better, for both sellers and shoppers.

  1. Tell all your friends to check out www.greatgrandview.ca
  2. Give us a big thumbs up on Facebook
  3. Talk to your neighbours about the sale, and encourage them to sign up on our site too.
  4. Print off a handful of posters , and drop some in your neighbours mailboxes, put one up in your building lobby or on posts on your block.