Neighbourhood-Wide Garage Sale

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Empty out your closets, Charles.

Set up your lemonade stands, Lakewood.

Haul out your trinkets, Trinity.

The 5th Annual Great Grandview Garage Sale is coming on Saturday June 15, 2019.

Sign up to take part in this amazing free community event.

Grandview Woodland

Broadway to the Burrard Inlet. Clark Drive to Nanaimo.

Blocks and blocks of garage sales throughout one of Vancouver's best neighbourhoods.

East Vancouver homes are full of great stuff.  Crates of records, dressers overflowing with vintage clothes, toys and books falling off of shelves.

Come to the Great Grandview Garage Sale and help the residents of Grandview Woodland rid themselves of their treasures.

Don't limit yourself to just one garage sale. We've got tons! Find them all .  More are being added every day.